Mobile App Payment:

Mobile App Payment

○ Only for Active C2B (Outbound), where Mainland C actively pays International B
○ For CUP Debit card and Credit card.

○ Mainland customer makes payment request on Merchant's website/call center/mobile app, or Axepay's online platform --> Customer receives an IVR call on mobile phone to enter debit card PIN on keypad --> Payment success

○ FMobile app plugin for merchant to create in-app landing payment page. Merchant enters bankcard PIN not on the mobile keypad but an on-screen encrypted CUP keypad.

○ Merchant / Axepay will have access to a backend platform ("DNA Merchant Platform") to track transactions and generate cross-border declarations for PBOC to cross-border.

○ DNA payment limit: RMB 20,000 per transaction, RMB 50,000 per day.
○ Cross-border limit: RMB 200,000 per day (Note: this means the max. cross-border limit applicable for DNA payment is actually RMB 50,000 per day).