DNA Mobile Payment

DNA Mobile Payment

○ Only for Active C2B (Outbound), where Mainland C actively pay International B
○ For CUP Debit card and Credit card.

○ Mainland customer makes payment request on Merchant's website/call center/mobile app, or Axepay's online platform --> Customer receives an IVR call on mobile phone to enter debit card PIN on keypad --> Payment success

○ DNA ("Digital Authorization") is a patented technology that separately transmits (1) bankcard information via Internet & (2) bankcard PIN via cellular network, to minimize fraud risks.
○ For payment authentication, DNA server will trigger CUP system to call the mobile number provided by the Mainland customer in the payment request. This mobile number is not necessarily the pre-registered mobile phone at the Mainland customer's bank, but can be any Mainland-issued SIM card. If a Mainland customer uses a new mobile phone number when using his/her bankcard, the fraud detection system will utilize different risk measures (for example, calling the Mainland customer to verify Resident ID number, asking the Mainland customer specific questions), depending on the risk level assigned. This capability of using any Mainland-issued mobile phone number to authenticate payment, combined with a 24x7 fraud detection system, increases mobile payment transaction rates.
○ Important note: Currently, the DNA system does not support IVR dial-out to non-Mainland-issued SIM cards for payment authentication.

○ Merchant / Axepay will have access to a backend platform ("DNA Merchant Platform") to track transactions and generate cross-border declarations for PBOC to cross-border.

○ DNA payment limit: RMB 20,000 per transaction, RMB 50,000 per day.
○ Cross-border limit: RMB 200,000 per day (Note: this means the max. cross-border limit applicable for DNA payment is actually RMB 50,000 per day).