About Us

Axepay Inc. specializes in digital cross-border money remittances and pay-out services including pay-in. The company delivers a seamless, cost effective and user friendly engagement platform for web and mobility that allows for domestic and international corporate accounts to access automated FX quotes and various payment types such as RTP, ACH, WIRE, Card2Card and Card Issuing to faciliatate b2b, b2c and p2p service models. Our global ecosystem seamlessly accelerates the integration of financial institutions and any FINTECH or PAYTECH solutions that add value to BANKS OR MONEY SERVICE BUSINESSES payment strategy.

Axepay offers a seamless and cost effective Cross-Border payments platform with rails that access an integrated suite of multi-tenant financial service providers to offer payment acceptance for E-Commerce, E-Billing, E-escrow, SmartContracts and much more with FX automation in over 30 Currencies and end points to 200 Countries and territories. The Axepay offering also provides onboarding tools for E-KYC/E-KYB with real-time aml monitoring.

Our mission is to enable merchants and individuals with the ability to transact electronically and effortlessly,

by offering global access to the worlds largest payment networks.

Start accepting payments from over 800 million customers in China with an online and offline seamless payment solution.

Covers all UnionPay debit and credit cards, one of the world's leading payment card brands, and all China telecom carriers